Why Women and Men Fail at Weight Loss

Why Many Men and Women Fail at Weight Loss

Do you ever wonder why so many men and women fail at weight loss? Is it because they are truly lazy? Definitely not. Is it because they actually have a case of food addiction? Not at all. Is it because they hate to exercise? Absolutely not.

Many overweight adults fail at losing weight because of some factors that neither relate to laziness, addiction nor exercise-deprivation.

Failure to understand the risks of being overweight

A lot of overweight adults, regrettably, don’t truly comprehend the risks involved in being overweight. Most people would say that they only desire to lose weight in order to look better. True, weight loss brings the benefit of looking better, however, this reason for vanity should not be the only reason for a person to get motivated to lose weight.

The most valuable reason that an individual should consider in order to lose weight should be for optimal health and fitness. It’s not a secret that thousands of people die each year because of being overweight for a long period of time.

There are abundant studies that show and prove without any doubt that losing at least a certain amount of body fat will improve the quality of life and lengthen your years. Various illnesses and medical conditions are associated with being overweight.

Understanding the health risks of being overweight is a great motivational factor to not only lose fat but to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

Failure to commit to permanent, long-term lifestyle changes

Many people start their weight loss efforts with burning passion but fail to commit to long-term lifestyle changes. They see “dieting” as a temporary solution to lose weight. Diet equates restriction and only brings misery and failure in the long run.

Achieving weight loss is a gradual process and maintaining a healthier and fitter body entails permanent lifestyle changes. 

Failure to receive truthful information about weight loss

With the prevalence of fad diets and quick weight loss solutions, many individuals are not equipped with the honest facts about how to lose weight the healthy way. There are just too many conflicting and confusing information bombarded through all forms of media that make it difficult to differentiate healthy weight loss from quick fix diet solutions.

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