Get Friendly with Your Abs

Get Friendly with Your Abs Who doesn’t wish for fabulous abs? We all do and to help you achieve abs to die for, read on to learn some sure-fire tips that will get you friendly with your abs. Avoid fast-digesting carbs. White potatoes, white bread, sports drinks, regular sodas and table sugar are examples of fast carbs to avoid. These foods halt fat-burning and boost fat storage specifically on your abs! Replace these fast carbs with vegetables, legumes, fruits, sweet potatoes, whole wheat breads, brown rice and oatmeal instead. Fast-digesting carbs can be consumed immediately after workouts for muscle recovery and growth. Isometrics is key.

This involves flexing a body part such as the abs and holding that position, similar to what bodybuilders do when posing. To perform, tense each muscle for about 6 to 10 seconds then relax for another 6 to 10 seconds. Repeat for 10 to 20 sets. This can be done with your abs even while sitting on the couch, in the car or at your desk. Pay attention to your breathing. When performing an abdominal exercise, don’t forget to exhale upon reaching the top position. This is very important because it helps to contract your abs better. Maximize muscle-fiber involvement by holding the position for a second or two. Do as many repetitions as possible. Be consistent when training and don’t alter the weight.

Don’t stop repeating a particular rep range per set until you come close to failure. Weighted movements are necessary. Your abdominal muscles are just like your biceps and they need definition and separation. Do some weighted movements in the 8-10 rep range for maximum abdominal development. Don’t train your abs first. Doing so will tire you out quickly and weaken your core stability and ability to generate force. Change your rep speed. Training your abs always at a consistent speed is not advisable. Utilize more fast-twitch muscle fibers by changing your rep speed from slow/controlled to fast/explosive and build additional power, more strength and size. Fancy a friendly ab stack? try these here