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If you as a woman are not making visits to the gym a couple of times a week you are not alone, studies show that as little as 21 percent of women train 2 or more times a week. You may wish to rethink your... Read more

Expert Advice

This useful guide and sample training programme is designed to take away some of the confusion and get women well on the road to achieving their body goals.

Learning how to train for strength correctly will bring fast results and ... Read more

Diet Plans

A recent study that was published in the Journal of The American Medical Association told us some pretty amazing fact about the foods that people wishing to lose their belly fat should definitely try to avoid. The report was huge, but It's important to note tha... Read more

Expert Advice

Interval training has been an integral part of athletic training programs for many years due to a variety of sports and recreational activities requiring short bursts of movement at high intensities. The incorporation of interval training into a general conditi... Read more

Expert Advice

Getting the best performance out of your body means you have to take great care of it and make sure you, the athlete can produce a jaw-dropping performance when needed.

... Read more
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